Many people throughout the world are becoming very aware that the energy resources of the world are being depleted. While this has been ignored for a very long time, the situation is getting to the point where society can no longer ignore what could soon become a crisis.

Fortunately, there are those that have the future in mind and are taking positive steps to rectify this problem and are coming up with viable solutions, with one of them being composite energy. What this entails is energy resources that are considered to be new and unique or different. These are unconventional according to today’s standards of what energy is and encompasses. coalbed methane, tight gas, natural gas, synthetic gas, oil shale gas, gas hydrate and coalbed methane.

To the average person who knows very little about alternative methods for energy it can be a little overwhelming and difficult to give any real thought to this. Yet, it is something that we cannot ignore and more aggressive education is needed to educate the consumer who in the end would be the ones that would benefit from these alternatives.

Each one of the alternative being looked at has its own merit but this is just the beginning of its discovery and as time passes more facts will become present plus any fallacies or weaknesses will be identified. One can only hope that there will great success in the composite energy fields because of the importance that the development of this holds.

More emphasis is currently being put on this across Europe but hopefully, as their success is being monitored it will become more prominent in other parts of the world. Although coalbed methane is closely looked at as a far back as the 1970’s in the US.

There is still a long way to go and while the emphasis of finding alternatives for energy depletion is a priority so is the safety of the environment.